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#Select your course & enroll

#Select your course & enroll

Our coordinator will call you to decide your lecture schedule after enrollment

Maths - Probability (2hrs)1250
Maths - Statistics (6hrs)3250
Maths - Surface Areas And Volumes (6hrs)3250
Maths - Area Related To Circles (5hrs)2750
Maths - Circles (3hrs)1750
Maths - Application of Trigonometry (4hrs)2250
Maths - Introduction To Trigonometry (8hrs)4250
Maths - Coordinate Geometry (6hrs)3250
Maths - Triangles (8hrs)4250
Maths - Arithmetic Progressions (6hrs)3250
Maths - Quadratic Equations (8hrs)4250
Maths - Pair of Linear Equation In Two Variables (8hrs)4250
Maths - Polynomials (5hrs)2750
Maths - Real Numbers (6 hrs)3250



Will be available soon

Will be available soon

Will be available soon